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8 / 10
Six years ago, Michael Myers terrorized the town of Haddonfield, Illinois. He and his niece, Jamie Lloyd, have disappeared. Jamie was kidnapped by a bunch of evil druids who protect Michael Myers. And now, six years later, Jamie has escaped after giving birth to Michael's child. She runs to Haddonfield to get Dr. Loomis to help her again.
Run time: 88m Tagline: Terror Never Rests in Peace Release: 1995-09-29

Director: Joe Chappelle

Stars: Donald Pleasence George P. Wilbur Keith Bogart Kim Darby Mariah O'Brien Marianne Hagan Mitchell Ryan Paul Rudd Susan Swift Tom Proctor

8 / 10
Presumed dead after a shoot-out with the Haddonfield police, Michael Myers is secretly nursed back to health -- and returns a year later to kill again and once more targets his young niece, Jamie. Jamie is now recovering in the local children's hospital after attacking her stepmother and losing her voice. Her mental link with her evil uncle may be the key to uprooting her family tree.
Run time: 96m Tagline: Michael Lives, And This Time They're Ready! Release: 1989-10-12

Director: Dominique Othenin-Girard

Stars: Beau Starr Betty Carvalho Danielle Harris Don Shanks Donald Pleasence Ellie Cornell Jeffrey Landman Matthew Walker Tamara Glynn Wendy Foxworth

9 / 10
The apparently comatose Michael Myers is being transferred from one hospital to another, but he wakes up when the ambulance crew talk about his surviving niece, Jamie. After slaughtering his attendants, Myers sets out to find his one living relative who is, fortunately, being cared for by a kind and resourceful foster sister named Rachel. Meanwhile, the ever-cautious Dr. Loomis remains on the killer's path.
Run time: 88m Tagline: Horror has returned to Haddonfield. Release: 1988-10-21

Director: Dwight H. Little

Stars: Beau Starr Carmen Filpi Danielle Harris Donald Pleasence Ellie Cornell Gene Ross George P. Wilbur Kathleen Kinmont Michael Pataki Sasha Jenson

10 / 10
After failing to kill stubborn survivor Laurie and taking a bullet or six from former psychiatrist Dr. Sam Loomis, Michael Myers has followed Laurie to the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, where she's been admitted for Myers' attempt on her life. The institution proves to be particularly suited to serial killers, however, as Myers cuts, stabs and slashes his way through hospital staff to reach his favorite victim.
Run time: 92m Tagline: The nightmare isn't over! Release: 1981-10-30

Director: Rick Rosenthal

Stars: Ana Alicia Charles Cyphers Cliff Emmich Donald Pleasence Jamie Lee Curtis Jeffrey Kramer Lance Guest Leo Rossi Nancy Stephens Pamela Susan Shoop

10 / 10
On a black and unholy Halloween night years ago, little Michael Myers brutally slaughtered his sister in cold bold. But for the last fifteen years, town residents have rested easy, knowing that he was safely locked away in a mental hospital – until tonight. Tonight, Michael returns to the same quiet neighbourhood to relive his grisly murder again…and again…and again. For this is a night of evil. Tonight is Halloween!
Run time: 91m Tagline: The night he came home! Release: 1978-10-24

Director: John Carpenter

Stars: Brian Andrews Charles Cyphers Donald Pleasence Jamie Lee Curtis Kyle Richards Nancy Kyes Nick Castle P.J. Soles Tony Moran Will Sandin

8 / 10
Ignoring the warnings of the locals, a group of teenage camp counselors takes on the job of reopening Camp Crystal Lake — on Friday the 13th no less, and raise the ire of Jason Voorhees, a masked, homicidal maniac.
Run time: 97m Tagline: Welcome to Crystal Lake Release: 2009-02-11

Director: Marcus Nispel

Stars: Aaron Yoo Amanda Righetti Arlen Escarpeta Ben Feldman Danielle Panabaker Derek Mears Jared Padalecki Jonathan Sadowski Julianna Guill Travis Van Winkle

8 / 10
In an attempt to free himself from a state of forgotten limbo, evil dream-demon Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) devises a plan to manipulate un-dead mass murderer Jason Voorhees (Ken Kirzenger) into slicing-and-dicing his way through the teenage population of Springwood. But when the master of dreams loses control of his monster, a brutal fight to the death is the only way out in this long anticipated crossover between two of modern horror's most notorious killers!
Run time: 97m Tagline: Evil Will Battle Evil Release: 2003-08-15

Director: Ronny Yu

Stars: Brendan Fletcher Chris Marquette Jason Ritter Katharine Isabelle Kelly Rowland Ken Kirzinger Kyle Labine Lochlyn Munro Monica Keena Robert Englund

7 / 10
In the year 2455, Old Earth is now a contaminated planet abandoned for centuries -- a brown world of violent storms, toxic landmasses and poisonous seas. Yet humans have returned to the deadly place that they once fled, not to live, but to research the ancient, rusting artifacts of the long-gone civilizations. But it's not the harmful environment that could prove fatal to the intrepid, young explorers who have just landed on Old Earth. For them, it's Friday the 13th, and Jason lives!
Run time: 91m Tagline: Evil has an upgrade. Release: 2001-07-24

Director: James Isaac

Stars: Chuck Campbell David Cronenberg Dov Tiefenbach Jonathan Potts Kane Hodder Lexa Doig Lisa Ryder Markus Parilo Melyssa Ade Todd Farmer

7 / 10
Jason Voorhees, the living, breathing essence of evil, is back for one fierce, final fling! Tracked down and blown to bits by a special FBI task force, everyone now assumes that he's finally dead. But everybody assumes wrong. Jason has been reborn with the bone-chilling ability to assume the identity of anyone he touches. The terrifying truth is that he could be anywhere, or anybody. In this shocking, blood-soaked finale to Jason's carnage-ridden reign of terror, the horrible secret of his unstoppable killing instinct is finally revealed.
Run time: 87m Tagline: Evil has finally found a home. Release: 1993-08-13

Director: Adam Marcus

Stars: Billy Green Bush Erin Gray John D. LeMay Kane Hodder Kari Keegan Leslie Jordan Richard Gant Rusty Schwimmer Steven Culp Steven Williams

8 / 10
A group of students on a graduation cruise bound for Manhattan soon realize they've got a stowaway aboard the ship: serial killer Jason Voorhees.
Run time: 100m Tagline: The Big Apple's in BIG trouble! Release: 1989-07-28

Director: Rob Hedden

Stars: Alex Diakun Barbara Bingham Fred Henderson Jensen Daggett Kane Hodder Peter Mark Richman Scott Reeves Tiffany Paulsen Todd Caldecott Warren Munson

9 / 10
Determined to finish off the infamous killer Jason Voorhees once and for all, Tommy Jarvis and a friend exhume Jason’s corpse in order to cremate him. Things go awry when Jason is instead resurrected, sparking a new chain of ruthlessly brutal murders. Now it’s up to Tommy to stop the dark, devious and demented deaths that he unwittingly brought about.
Run time: 86m Tagline: Kill or be killed! Release: 1986-08-01

Director: Tom McLoughlin

Stars: C.J. Graham Darcy DeMoss David Kagen Jennifer Cooke Kerry Noonan Renée Jones Thom Mathews Tom Fridley Tony Goldwyn Vincent Guastaferro

9 / 10
Homicidal maniac Jason returns from the grave to cause more bloody mayhem. Young Tommy may have escaped from Crystal Lake, but he’s still haunted by the gruesome events that happened there. When gory murders start happening at the secluded halfway house for troubled teens where he now lives, it seems like his nightmarish nemesis, Jason, is back for more sadistic slaughters. But as things spiral out of control and the body count rises, Tommy begins to wonder if he’s become the killer he fears most.
Run time: 92m Tagline: A New Beginning to the first step in terror. Release: 1985-03-22

Director: Danny Steinmann

Stars: Carol Locatell Corey Feldman John Shepherd Juliette Cummins Marco St. John Melanie Kinnaman Richard Lineback Richard Young Shavar Ross Vernon Washington