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13 Fanboy came around like a slow boomerang. I’m a huge Friday the 13th fanboy (obviously) and over the years have connected with the odd star from the series via social media.

A few years back, Deborah Voorhees became quite prominent and active on Facebook with a new horror project she was writing and directing. She put together a cool horror group, where fans could could talk Friday shop and anything else horror related, and she would often ask for our input on best ways to kill off someone on film etc y’know, the important stuff! As the slasher film came together, Deborah began casting several Friday the 13th alumni to either play themselves or other characters (see synopsis). I thought I had kept myself up to date with the production but time flew by, COVID hit, 2020 was a weird blur and before I knew it, 13 Fanboy had completed filming (with a big gap inbetween shoots thanks to COVID) and all of a sudden I’m checking out images with star Dee Wallace, kickass Friday the 13th favourites and a brilliant meta idea for a slasher film which Friday fans will love.

Sensing franchise potential and not wanting to miss out on a fun opportunity, I got in touch with Deborah and, co writer/producer, Joel Reisig and expressed my love for the concept, cast and crew and how I felt I could help promote the film when it finally does get a release (the 2020 release was pushed back due to COVID).

So, that was that. Job done. Executive Producer credit and a small role in Friday folklore. It may not be an official Friday film but hey, we’re not getting one of those for a long time, so I’m counting my blessings.