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6 / 10
A former high school student who always wanted to be a cheerleader decides to reopen the cheerleading program at her former high school after years of closure for being targeted by a serial killer.
Run time: 82m Release: 1982-04-01

Stars: Candice Azzara Carol Kane David L. Lander Debralee Scott Judge Reinhold Marc McClure Miles Chapin Phil Hartman Teri Landrum Tom Smothers

9 / 10
Ten years after the events of the original movie, Victor Crowley is mistakenly resurrected and proceeds to kill once more.
Run time: 83m Tagline: Return to his swamp Release: 2017-09-12

Stars: Brian Quinn Chase Williamson Dave Sheridan Felissa Rose Kane Hodder Katie Booth Krystal Joy Brown Laura Ortiz Parry Shen Tiffany Shepis

6 / 10
Jackson is a lonely serial killer who is really beginning to question the point of all his killing. He is losing focus on why he started to kill in the first place. The future looks bleak until he meets a blind girl, Shelly, who begins to show him that life isn't so bad. It is all up to Jackson to decide if he's going to stop killing and start learning responsibility and think about finding a real job and starting a family. Written by Josh Pasnak
Run time: 88m Tagline: It's a cold, cruel world - but Jackson can hack it! Release: 1989-06-09

Stars: Adrian Hough Anna Conrich Annabel Yuresha Debbie Lee London Edward Brayshaw Fiona Evans Gary Brown Gregory Cox Kim Fenton Robin Welch